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Intra Nutri-Mix

Intra Nutri-Mix

Easily-absorbed nutrients can be added to animals drinking water or feed using Intra Nutri-Mix. Nutrimix comprises a wide spectrum of active components: high-grade and essential amino acids (Lysine, Threonine, Methionine and Tryptophan), chelated minerals and organic acids.
Amino acids are essential building blocks for animals, supporting the animals’ growth and helping the animals to build up a higher level of resistance. The unique combination of amino acids in Intra Nutri-Mix strengthens the animals in a short space of time and gives the animals a strong resistance.
The chelated minerals reinforce this effect. Various studies show that, in particular, chelated copper and zinc reduce the growth of pathogenic micro-organisms in the stomach and have a positive effect on the immune system. The organic acids reduce the level of acidity in the stomachs, meaning that pathogenic micro-organisms are not given the opportunity to develop.

Intra Nutri-Mix is a liquid product that has to be administered through the animals’ drinking water using a dosage pump. Nutrimix is based on minerals, amino acids, organic acids and energisers. The product ensures an improved uptake of nutrients via the drinking water. Nutrimix reduces the acidity level (pH) to around 4, which is essential in order to achieve the maximum result.

Intra Minerals are supplied in packages of 10, 200 and 1000 litres.

Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Can Intra Nutri-Mix be mixed with medicines?
Answer: Do not mix Intra Nutri-Mix with medicines, vaccines or other products that are administered in the drinking water.

Question: What is the dosage of Intra Nutri-Mix?
Answer: The dosage is 1 litre Intra Nutri-Mix per 1000 litres drinking water.

Question: Can Intra Nutri-Mix be used as a medicine?
Answer: Intra Nutri-Mix has proved helpful to a great many cattle farmers. Intra Nutri-Mix is often therefore viewed as a type of medicine, which is not the case. Intra Nutri-Mix is an animal feed supplement and supports animals in stressful situations or in cases where animals could benefit from additional support. As a result of this, animals should be started on Intra Nutri-Mix as soon as possible. You will therefore see the results sooner if it is used prior to any problems.

Question: I am satisfied with Intra Nutri-Mix. Can I increase the dosage?
Answer: Increasing the dosage of Intra Nutri-Mix is not advisable. Intra Nutri-Mix is offered in the highest possible concentration and is tailored to a dosage of 1 litre per 1000 litres of drinking water. If desired, it is however possible to extend the recommended period by at least 5 days.

Question: I work with a closed watering system. How can I add Intra Nutri-Mix to the drinking water?
Answer: In a sealed watering system, the best way to administer Intra Nutri-Mix is with a dosage pump. These pumps can usually be used to add products to water at a dosage of 1 litre per 1000 litres drinking water. It is always wise to work out the dosage afterwards using the water meter.

Question: Do I have to rinse the watering system with a purifying agent afterwards if I have used Intra Nutri-Mix?
Answer: This is not necessary, but we do advise that you do so. Here at Intracare, we recommend that a watering system is always cleaned after products have been added to the drinking water. This ensures that the animals always have a fresh supply of drinking water, which forms the basis for good health.
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